New: Create your new website on HubSpot with TalantOn

We have heard your thoughts and concerns. Building or customizing your website can give anyone a headache if you don’t have the proper in-house resources to handle the skill or workload. Who doesn’t want to create their brand new website in a fast and easy manner, without depending on a developer for every small change? TalantOn is a fast & easy to use framework especially built for the HubSpot CMS. The TalantOn framework contains a full drag and drop interface, which means you can literally create your website like lego.

60+ Website Pages

A wide variety of demo pages are available that include all the different modules TalantOn has to offer.

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55+ Custom Modules

Build your pages module based. Every module comes with an advanced color picker, font selector, padding adjuster and more!

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6 Email Templates

Feel the need for some clean email templates? TalantOn includes email templates to help you getting started.

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TalantOn Video Tutorials

We have developed a serie of video tutorials to get your started with TalantOn. The tutorials will cover topics such as creating pages, customizing colors, updating icons, and many more. Aside from the video tutorials you can find all modules, templates and resources in the live documentation of TalantOn.



TalantOn Drag & Drop

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