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Tech Events in Panama 2018

In this article, we will highlight some events, which could be interesting for you as an tech savvy entrepreneur. There is a range of different sorts of events that might be interesting to you!



Event 3

Event: Panamchain: Conference of Fintech and Blockchain

When: 5&6 may
Where: City of Knowledge Convention Center, Building 184
Language: Spanish

Description: Speakers will talk about new technologies and the current progress of the blockchain.








image 2

Event: Techday panama 2018

When: may 10

Where: Megapolis convention center
Language: Spanish

Description: Technology update tour of Central America.



Event 1

Event: The future of energy in Panama: Between gas and renewables

When: may 11
Where: La Ballesta Hall of the OTEIMA Technological University, David
Language: Spanish

Description: Convention about the future of energy in Panama.