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HubSpot Modules for FREE? Yes, you read that right!

Each and every month, we’ll be giving you a new blog post full of awesome (and super useful) free templates from the HubSpot Marketplace, to help get you started with the HubSpot CMS.


With the Module Marketplace, which opened its doors in early 2018, we will also strive to contribute our part towards monthly highlighted modules (FREE), that are both simple and helpful for the entire HubSpot marketing community. The HubSpot Module Marketplace is an addition to the previous HubSpot Template Marketplace, and highly versatile with plenty of module choices for all different types of sites and site goals.

With the new Module Marketplace, Marketers won’t need to have any HTML, CSS, or Javascript knowledge thanks to the single modules in which these codes are bundled.

By purchasing and implementing the modules, a Marketer can now add new features to their existing website pages without coding, or starting their module design from scratch. Secondly, developers can modify modules to create even more advanced features per module, giving you more freedom to customize what you want with what works best for your business.


Parallax Hero Banner

Hero Banner Image HubSpot

  • Provider: HubSpot
  • Functions: Headers, Banners
  • Works with: Website / Landing page
  • Long Description: This module allows users to easily create and implement a hero image with parallax effect. You can easily adjust colors, alignment, padding and the overlay color of the image. A powerful headline, additional text and a CTA can be added to the hero image.


Logo Carousel

HubSpot Carousel Module

  • Provider: HubSpot
  • Functions: Slider, Layout
  • Works with: Website / Landing page and Blog
  • Long Description: Add a serie of - client - logos to your website. With the Logo Carousel module you will be able to show your clients and partners in a clean and professional manner. You can easily adjust the number of logos, transition speed, and more.


Accordion Toggle

HubSpot Accordion Toggle

  • Provider: HubSpot
  • Function: Interaction
  • Works with: Website / Landing page and Blog
  • Long Description: Create a number of content sections organized by a accordion toggle. Just add your copy and ready to roll.


With so many great FREE add-ons, you’d be silly not to take advantage of the modules available on this platform. We are always striving to get the most out of HubSpot, and as we see things coming down the pipeline, we’ll make sure to pass them along to you. Don’t wait. Be proactive and let us help you help yourself by getting everything HubSpot tech and services can offer you!


Modularized Template Pack HubSpot


Take a sneak peek of our upcoming template for the HubSpot Marketplace here.